Consorzio MIPA

Consorzio MIPA

The MIPA Consortium (Consortium for the Development of Methodologies and Innovations for the Public Administrations), a non-profit entity, was set up in 1997 by Istat (National Statistics Institute), based on the experience gained during the National Research Council project, to focus on public management and organization.

MIPA carries out research in economics, law, administration, statistics and communication. It develops and disseminates methodologies for innovation in organization and management, assesses the actions of administrations, and provides benchmarking and quality improvement solutions.

MIPA also conducts statistical surveys aimed at analysing the structures and management activities of public administrations, as well as their use of resources.

With reference to the tasks in the proposal, MIPA is currently involved in a european project financed by funding program EaSI (Progress Axis - INSPIRE - Innovative Services for fragile People in Rome) that aims to contribute in reforming social care services, through an experimental pilot project in the area of Rome focus on vulnerable population groups directed to social inclusion. INSPIRE provides an empirical test of a system of fragility care to be integrated with housing and employment policies. Regarding INSPIRE, Mipa Consortium carries out the following activities: realization of a IT system to gathering data about vulnerable population groups aims to need assessment and then provide social services, monitoring and evaluate social policies; data-analysis and counter-factual evidence based evaluation; development of new administrative procedures for access criteria and service contributions.


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