The project

Advisory Board

 The Advisory Board (AB) is a counselling body providing advice and guidance for the development of the project to ensure high quality and excellence. 

The AB will address strategic issues relevant for the project development, ensure high quality results and impact of project activities, enhance the scientific relevance of the dissemination actions providing advice for the scientific content of the project’s events. The board will have an agile composition ensuring flexibility, high level expertise at international level on different aspects dealing with the activities foreseen for the project and coverage of specific component (Producers, Academia, IT/Big Data, Media).

The AB will be chaired by Marina Gandolfo, Head International Affairs Division of Istat.

The members who have formally joined are:

- Michel Dumontier, Distinguished University Professor in the field of data science at Maastricht University.

- Milena Gabanelli, Italian journalist, actively involved as independent investigative reporter.

- Stephen P. Jenkins, Professor of Economic and Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

- Francesca Perucci, Chief of the Statistical Service branch of the UN Statistical Division.


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