Work Package 1

Work Package 1 - Analysis of existing frameworks

Lead participant: ISTAT


Start month: November 2017

End month: April 2018


The constant development of well-being and sustainability frameworks is only partly due to the demand for better knowledge of the single phenomena, which can be obtained by simply revising the existing statistical production. Frameworks are developed to provide an immediate tool for supporting evidence-based decision making able to include . Frameworks provide at the same time a selection of the more relevant aspects of societal progress which cannot be ignored (the social priorities) and a ready to use monitoring tool for guiding and evaluating policymaking. Nevertheless, these frameworks initiatives are seldom adopted in a structured way and permanently included in decision making processes. Relevant exception are represented by the Millennium Development Goals, Europe 2020, or the MIP scoreboard or the SDGs).
Official statistics need coherent frameworks delivering consistent evidences and narratives to policymakers.
The first objective of this first work package objective will focus on building on the achievements of previous European projects (Point, Brainpool, e-Frame) and, on national experiences on well-being and SDGs. In such a way it will be feasible to provide a common framework.
In a second step the integration between different experiences will concentrate on the analysis of micro-macro approach, in order to understand which crucial characteristics are needed by a Beyond GDP framework for it to be usable and actually used by policy makers.
Moreover the potential of the extension of national accounts to the household level developing micro-macro approaches represents a crucial elements in the inclusion of beyond GDP indicators within the SNA framework.
The final aim is the compilation of a general database of the existing Beyond GDP initiatives at local, national and European level referring to official statistical production.

Description of work:             

The main specific tasks within WP1 aimed at achieving the objectives are the followings: 

Task T1.1: stocktaking the recent literature on policy use of wellbeing indicators and the results of previous relevant European projects, this task looks at three major case studies - SDGs, Europe2020 and MIPs – to learn about the fundamental conditions to be satisfied for a beyond GDP framework to be used in policy making processes.

Task T1.2: Beyond GDP frameworks usually encompass subjects which only partially overlap with the System of National Accounts. Yet the evaluation of the potential for SNA to include beyond GDP measures is a key element for their institutionalization and actual use. The task recalls the state of the art of the subject and elaborate proposals for extending the System on the basis of a micro-macro approach derived inside the national account framework.


D1.1: Report on international and national experiences and main insight for policy use of wellbeing and sustainability framework.

D1.2: Definition of the existing database on Beyond GDP initiatives within official statistics.


Datasets produced:

Dataset links SDGs

Datatset well-being domains and indicators


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