Work Package 6

Work Package 6 - Dissemination & Communication

Lead participant: MIPA


Start month: November 2017

End month: April 2020


The WP is intended to give substantive impetus to the achievement of the project objective. This dissemination and communication work package aims at organizing physical and virtual fora where NSIs and academics but also policy makers, public administrations, civil society and citizens will be able to participate, share, collaborate and discuss relevant issues and best practices on the issue.
In more details, the knowledge will be built up through the contact and reciprocal fertilization of NSIs, academics and stakeholders, identifying and contacting key practitioners to participate in a virtual Working Group. This working group will be a forum to present and test the findings from the review of the analytical framework, which will complement the research activities. During the project life this virtual forum will concretize in three workshops organized by the Consortium.
A final Conference will wrap up the main results and findings of the projects.

Description of work:

The main specific tasks within WP6 aimed at achieving the objectives are the followings: 

Task T6.1: Website and e-platform
The website of the project will be released by the third month of the project and it will be used for communication and exchange of documents not only to the world, but also among partners by hosting a restricted area as repository of the project.
The website will be structured in three areas: public area, private area, administration area and will include a frame for dialogue on sustainable development to facilitate cooperation between the stakeholders. This will be a space for stakeholders to share suggestions, best practice and solutions for a meaningful implementation. Through the website it will be managed also the policy briefs provided under task T5.3.

Task T6.2: Brochure
A brochure of the project will be released as a communication tool to promote the activities of the project and to enlarge the audience.

Task T6.3: Policy briefs
During the life cycle of the project policy briefs will be made available to public, illustrating the main results reached by the activities, with the aim to communicate and disseminate the knowledge towards policy makers, towards specialized and general public. The policy briefs will be constructed following the indications given by the Commission proposing eventual improvement of the structure of them to foster the communicative aim.

Task 6.4: Mid-term Workshops
The most relevant way in which the Virtual working group will be involved is the organization of specific workshops (3) to be organised for the discussion of the actual information needs of users/communities for making explicit the way the statistical information proposed may effectively enter into the decision making process, for developing the best forms of data dissemination (timeliness, structure, metadata and interpretation, production of composite indexes, visualization etc.).

Task T6.5: Final Conference
Within this work package the final Conference will be organised to illustrate the results of the project with a particular focus on the results of the pilot study and recommendation for stakeholders and policy makers and identification of future research needs in terms of statistical methodologies and new data.


D6.1: Report on website and e-platform development.

D6.2: Report on the brochure development.

D6.3: Report on policy briefs development.

D6.4: Mid-term workshop 1.

D6.5: Mid-term workshop 2.

D6.6: Mid-term workshop 3.

D6.7: Final conference.


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