Work Package 7

Work Package 7 - Coordination & Management

Lead participant: ISTAT


Start month: November 2017

End month: April 2020


This work package has the objective to ensure that a proper co-ordination across tasks and partners is maintained in order to achieve the overall project objectives within time, quality and budget constraints. and EC’s requirements. In order to do this, we will perform (1) a continuous monitoring of the execution of the project phases through its activities, milestones and deliverables, (2) a monitoring of the proper execution of the project according to its work plan, and (3) actions for the best possible collaboration among the partners and third parties.

Description of work:

The main specific tasks within WP6 aimed at achieving the objectives are the followings: 

Task T7.1: Coordination of the project
This task performs the Coordination of the project. It provides procedures and guidelines for activity planning and updating, cost and time follow up, submission of periodic progress reports and cost statements, preparation of annual review reports and review meetings, and submission of deliverables to the Commission both at the technical and administrative levels.
This task will elect the Advisory Board during the first month of the project.
The Advisory Board (AB) is a high level body providing advice and guidance for the development of the project to ensure high quality and excellence. It will be composed of independent experts and outstanding known personalities on the topics of the project. The AB meetings will be organised by ISTAT although the main exchanges of opinions will take place by mail or by means of conference calls.

Task 7.2: Administrative and Financial Coordination
The project coordinator performs the financial and administrative management.
Management and coordination of project financial aspects will include: distribution of funding received according to the contract, preparation and coordination of cost statements, whereby all partners will manage their own financial affairs of the project.

Task 7.3: Monitoring and Reporting
The local project management will be performed by all Partners that are responsible for ensuring the quality of the activities carried out and their results. Elaborated results will be reviewed and, if required, corrective actions will be proposed to Partners to better coordinate activities and to ensure the scheduled outputs.

Task T7.4: Data Management Plan (DMP)
The DMP will be set up by means of gathering and rearrangement of the technical outputs produced by partners. The DMP will include information on:
- the handling of research data during and after the end of the project;
- what data will be collected, processed and/or generated;
- which methodology and standards will be applied;
- whether data will be shared/made open access and;
- how data will be curated and preserved (including after the end of the project).


D7.1: Kick off meeting.

D7.2: Data Management Plan.


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